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Upper Midwest

Geothermal Systems Installation

Excavator and screening machine being used during geothermal systems installation

⏤ High Quality Scalable Geothermal

Ground Source Heating & Cooling

GTI specializes in high-quality, scalable geothermal (ground-source) heating and cooling for any application.

We have installed more than 85 commercial geothermal systems in configurations including pond loops, horizontal slinky systems, and vertical well systems that have ranged from 30 to 1,100 tons.

These photos show a project GTI completed for the Stearns County Service Center in Waite Park, Minnesota. This project involved one of the largest horizontal closed-loop “slinky” systems in the Midwest, which included over 100,000 feet (nearly 19 miles!) of piping below the water table.

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Other Services

Do you need industrial geothermal services in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa or Nebraska?

We offer industrial geothermal solutions including pipeline construction, sealing, commercial and residential paving, and geothermal system installation.